How to change the AVG License Number for all computer in the network

If you want to change the AVG License Number for all computers in the network, please do the following:

  1. Run AVG Admin Console.
  2. On the left navigation tree expand Licenses, and then click Shared settings.
  3. Double-click Shared settings in the Shared settings area.
  4. Enter the new license number, and then press ENTER.
  5. Right-click Shared settings, and then click Mandatory.
  6. Ask all stations for synchronization (select all needed stations, right-click one of the selected stations, and then click Synchronize settings).
  7. It is recommended to restart the client stations after this change.

Note: When reactivating AVG in your network with the new AVG License Number, please do not forget to enter the new AVG License Number into the AVG Admin Server as well. Using an expired AVG License Number in Admin Server limits the funtionality of Remote Administration (centralized updates, management of stations, etc.).

You can reactivate the AVG Admin Server with the new AVG License Number as follows:

  1. Run the AVG Admin Server Monitor.
  2. Click Server settings, and then on the General tab, click Change.

Article ID: 39, Created On: 4/22/2013, Modified: 4/22/2013

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